Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2011

July 4th, 2011 by Larry


If you were the BEST in the world at something and you weren’t allowed to compete in the “Championship event” of that something, wouldn’t you be pissed? Wouldn’t the victor of said “Championship event” be a total phony? This has been the case of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest for the past 2 years! The best in the world, Takeru Kobayashi, has been ineligible to compete at Nathan’s for the second year in a row because he refuses to sign a contract with Major League Eating, the “governing body” of competitive eating.

Last year, Kobayashi rushed the stage in a “Free Kobi” shirt after Joey Chestnut won and was dragged away without any sort of recognition. This year, he staged his own event in Manhattan at the same time, flanked by TV screens showing the Nathan’s event and ate 69 hot dogs! Breaking Joey Chestnut’s previous record of 68. Joey Chestnut only ate 62 today and “won”.

I’m not fully aware of all the details of the Major League Eating contract that Kobayaski is unwilling to sign, but to me it’s fishy. Like if your singing career is based on auto-tune, and then a group of bros show up and tell you that you can only use auto-tune if you decide to sing with their group. Naw, cousin…

Anyway, the fully-engorged video from today’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest is available after the jump. It’s still a marvel to watch, I just wish that it was really among the world’s greatest. Maybe the camerawork could’ve allowed for less of Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti’s disgusting eating methods.


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