Grind House Killer Burgers

July 9th, 2011 by Larry

A double-patty, Apache Style burger & crinkle-cut fries.

Awhile back, I started having mid-week lunches with my buddies Joe Martinez and Ross Martin. Seeing as how we all worked in the creative field as freelancers, we’d often have similar days off. We started calling ourselves the #FunLunchCrew and regularly met at Grind House Killer Burgers at their old location in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market downtown.

With the influx of new burger joints all over Atlanta, Grind House is the only one that I can truly back. What can I say, I dig their b-movie inspired branding! I’ll even say that they have the best burger in Atlanta. Yea, I said it. I know there are limited edition burgers that are difficult to find (aka Loch Ness Burger), gourmet burgers, build your own burgers (how about you do something you’re proud of an suggest it to me), non-ceptual vector art inspired burger shop interiors, potato oil burger joints, and other gimmicks. I’ve had them all and I’m tired of the marketing crap. Just give me a good burger for a decent price!

Perhaps much of my preference comes from bread choice. I freaking hate burgers that come on ciabatta bread or a roll that’s bigger than the patty. I don’t want a 2,000 calorie DINNER burger that’s going to incapacitate me for the rest of the day. I want a DINER burger; a fast, tasty burger on a light bun that’s going to soak up all those juices. Grind House’s buns are light, fluffy, and they soak up everything. Yum!

At the end of the day, their burgers just taste great, they have crinkle-cut fries (my personal favorite), and there are no gimmicks. If you don’t know what you want, they have several styles of burgers that they recommend to you (Apache Style is my personal favorite – Pepper Jack cheese, grilled onions, & roasted New Mexico chiles), or it is totally cool to customize your own and it won’t cost you $16 to do so.

Simply the best in ATL. So far… Also, check out the newly opened Piedmont Road location of Grindhouse Killer Burgers!

Do you feel like there’s a better burger in town? Let us know your suggestions and we’ll consider it for a review.

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  1. mike Says:

    I personally think The EARL has the best burger in Atlanta, but I can’t really argue with Grindhouse. I will say that as far as that style of burger goes Five Guys is right up there.

  2. Ruel Vaz Says:

    Hmmm.. Sounds awesome. wish I could have been apart of this fun lunch crew.

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