I’m Comic Sans, A**hole

July 19th, 2011 by Georgios


I ran across this lil video on the Inter-web today and I had to post it. If you know anything about typography, you would know that Comic Sans is one of the most hated fonts in the type world. We all know how snooty designers can be about there type usage especially when it comes to using a generic fonts like Comic Sans or Papyrus. It’s a big ‘NO NO’ in the design world… but not everyone has 10,000 fonts like we do.

In the past, I hated Times New Roman because in my mind, it was one of those generic fonts you never used….until I was forced to use Times in a Typography class at Portfolio Center. Now I love it and use it every chance I get. Any typeface can look great, given the right concept and treatment. Cheers to these guys for finding a good use for Comic Sans…. making fun of Designers.

Anyway, enough of my Typography rant. Take a look at the video. It’s hilarious!

Futura > Helvetica

Check out the video after the jump.

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole from joehollier on Vimeo.

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