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August 4th, 2011 by Larry


Our brand, We Are the Process, was mentioned in the Huffington Post yesterday in an article about brands and social media.

“The few companies that truly break ground and invent new paths for their brands and companies are the anomalies, not the rules. Upstarts like Atlanta-based streetwear line We Are The Process are doing more for their brand through online channels than some multi-million dollar enterprises with Madison Avenue headquarters. These brands are those rare high school girls who chose to date the presidents of the math and science clubs instead of the quarterbacks of the football team. Wisdom beyond their years.” Click here to read the entire article.

Yes, we think using social media is super important to building our brand. However, I still feel like there are many things we could do better. For instance, getting someone to lazily hit the retweet button on on of your tweets is fine and all, but I believe there is more value to a tweet when someone shares your link/story while adding their own insight. I’m guilty of this act too, but I should really add more of my own explanation as to why I chose to pass the info along in the first place. Create value in your tweets and retweets. That’s one small step in getting people to deliberately & actively #GrowTheBrand.

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