August 18th, 2011 by Larry


We Are the Process Fantasy Football League (#WATPFFL) is back, and YES I totally nerded-out and designed some We Are the Process football uniforms on some Nike Pro Combat templates. On a semi-related tangent: Only 1 more season until Nike gets to start making officially licensed gear for the NFL! It’s funny to see college teams wearing Pro Combat equipment that is better than that of the pros.

Unfortunately, the We Are the Process Fantasy Football League is already full. We have lots of returning team managers, and our 3 newest members spoke up last year. It’s never too late to start begging to be considered for next season. You can start by emailing us at info@wearetheprocess.com and submitting your name, email address, and “WATPFFL: Tier 2″ in the subject line to join-up in our Tier 2 league for this season. The best player(s) will get the invite to the big show next year. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Check out the other uniforms I geeked-out on after the jump.

Another We Are the Process inspired football uniform

Dirty South Octopi uniform (My fantasy football team)

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  1. William Roth Says:

    Holy shit, guys. These are awesome! The blue/red arrow is my favorite. But the Octo-green is a great color. Are the template files public? I want to play around with it.

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