Georgia’s New License Plate

August 22nd, 2011 by Larry


You guys, THIS is the new Georgia License plate. WTF?!? I kinda want to throw up. No I definitely want to throw up. Apparently there was a “design contest” for residents to submit their designs to get narrowed down to semi-finalists by “art instructors”. You know what that really means? It means the state of GA decided that they would save money by NOT properly hiring designers. Instead they crowd-sourced themselves into this amazing piece of compromise. Yuck…

There’s so much grossness going on here. Visual noise between the “Peach State” type and the tree branches, the off-center “GEORGIA”, makes it seem like an after thought (and unbalanced), and finally the disregard for alignment between the plate numbers and the word “GEORGIA”. Yuck, yuck, yuck… If I had known about this “contest” I would’ve submitted a handful of designs myself. I also would’ve made all of my design students submit looks as well. We have a responsibility to get graphic noisemakers out of the public eye. You wanna know why some people don’t take The South seriously? It’s because too many people in The South don’t follow the process properly. C’mon people… there are amazing designers in Georgia. Why? Why? Why weren’t they tapped to give us a better solution?

Read this marketing jargon: “Georgia’s new general issue license plate will incorporate a “digital” (flat) design, meaning it won’t have raised numbers and letters. This new production process will result in a cost savings to the state and allow customers the option of having their license plate delivered to them instead of having to go to a county tag office. The “flat” plate technology will afford easier identification by Georgia law enforcement.” Translation: The flat plate will save Georgia money, but they’ll still charge you the same amount as always. Also, when was a flat plate considered a technological advancement? It’s not! It’ll just allow the police’s speed guns to function better… meaning more tickets for you! We ain’t stupid… stop feeding us the bs!

Wanna hear from the designer of the new Georgia plate? Watch the vid after the jump.


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  1. spd Says:

    of the final 3, that was the worst one.

  2. Zack Says:

    The 80′s called that woman’s shirt. They want their couch print back.

  3. Kevon Says:

    “will afford easier identification by Georgia law enforcement.”

    hahahaha which light wave theory did they source this from? Not quite…

    “afford” yes… “identification” no… fail …yes

  4. KJ Says:


  5. The South Stay Losing: GA License plate edition. | H1GHER LEARNING | STREETWEAR meets SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Says:

    [...] Normally I would wait until Sunday Funday to post link to this article but the topic of discussion is SO bad and Larry of Epidemik Coalition & We Are The Process’ rant is so good I had to post it now. A professional designer I am not but goodness, fugly is a word that comes to mind. But it doesn’t matter because this is  the license plate that will be on the rear of every car in the state of Georgia soon. Head to the EP Coalition blog to feel Larry’s pain. Take notes people: when you cut corners, you usually step in some crap. [...]

  6. mike Says:

    I remember seeing a top 10 or something at one point and new that we were doomed. What a nightmare.

  7. Ted Says:

    I think there’s a big error when she says “usually when you’re hired to design, you’re designing it for yourself.” I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself when designing something, but instead try to envision someone unlike me, to get inside their head. Especially for something like a license plate, its going to be used by millions of different people and to have highly functional requirements. Her process was way off. Stick to tapestries.

  8. Larry Says:

    LMAO at Ted’s tapestries comment! Don’t forget the kitten sweaters!

  9. Radar Says:

    I think we are jumping the gun a little bit here folks…

    I bet once you put that $1 high-adhesive “In God We Trust” sticker on the bottom – that puppy is gonna SET IT OFF!

  10. Georgios Says:

    Damn and I thought my Peaches n Cream design or my Peach Cobbler design were sure wins.

    This is what happens when you have an open contest and every rich house wife that calls herself an artist enters.

    Also, is there anything else that we can pull from other than Peaches for inspiration that says Georgia or was it a requirement to have giant peaches in your design.

    How about MLK, a figure that is recognized around the world and a native Georgian. Illinois had Abraham Lincoln on there license plate, why can’t we have MLK.

    MLK is the first black man and non-politician to get a memorial dedicated to him on the national mall and we get a generic landscape and giant peaches for our plates?!?

    Is there an option to get a blank tag? That would cut costs.

  11. Larry Says:

    How about MLK eating a Gigante Peach? He’d have to pick it up with both arms.

  12. Radar Says:

    Best bet might be to buy a classic car so you can rock one of these…

  13. Jam Wam Says:

    don’t ask me how I know this, but the tapestry sweater is from Talbots. She’s probably from Alpharetta. Eck.

  14. icvos Says:

    Better motto. “The Stuck in White 1950s State”

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