Red, Black, & Silver Dawgs

August 22nd, 2011 by Larry


The Georgia Bulldogs are ready to jump all over the 2011 season in their new Nike Pro Combat uniforms. The red and black represents their ruthless style of play, and the silver is a nod to their last national championship season.

The Dawgs will unveil the power, pride and ferocity of their new unis this Labor Day weekend, as they open their season against Boise State.

What do you guys think? Love them? Hate them? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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8 Responses

  1. KJ Says:

    Generally I like the Nike pro combat system uniforms, I think UGA’s joint looks a bit too cartoonish. But we’ll see what they look like IN the uniform when the season starts.

  2. tupakapoor Says:

    those gloves are DOPE – gonna look awesome with 60 people doing that on the sidelines

  3. Mr Ryan Says:

    Hate this. I’m not feeling any of this “new” Nike design stuff for uniforms. Looks way to euro or something. This isn’t soccer (not a insult to that game) this is football. This uniform belongs in a indoor euro football league or something. I do not want to wake up on a Saturday turn on SEC football and think of anything but classic American college football. To be honest, it gives me a complete headache just looking at this. whats next. Glow in the dark footballs? Just sayin……..

  4. Larry Says:

    @Mr Ryan: I’ve enjoyed seeing the Pro Combat systems on Oregon & TCU from game to game, but I can see how it is more difficult to “take” for some of the more traditional SEC teams. It’s probably way more difficult to get a Southern football fan to buy into changing their team’s look up this drastically. Doesn’t BAMA have the Pro Combat system? I feel like their technology is the same, but the look is very respectful of their traditional uniforms. Either way, NFL is coming next… 2012.

  5. Mr Ryan Says:

    Yeah Ive seen ours and do not like it either. Some things just do not need to be changed. College football uniforms is one of them. I’m sure the NFL ones will be pretty bad also.

  6. spd Says:

    I’m more excited to see what Boise State will be wearing while they spank those Dawgs all over the field!

  7. Ruel Vaz Says:

    Go Go Power Rangers!!! #awful

  8. Little Red Says:

    The helmets and gloves are awesome! But I DESPISE the rest of the uniforms. Georgia football players wear silver britches…end of story.

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