Race Car! That’s Why.

August 23rd, 2011 by Jorge


People always assume, that all we do is work on the brand We Are the Process. Not the case at all! Georgios & Larry work as graphic designers full time under the moniker, EC Design Co., and I help out where I can. I spend my days working as a Marine here in New Orleans and in my off-time, I like to go fast. When I am not on my bike tearing down the streets of New Orleans, I am behind the wheel of a race car making laps around the track. Last week, Team Breast Friends and I, competed in the 24 Hours of LeMons’, Cain’t Get Bayou, at No Problem Raceway in New Orleans. If you don’t know about the 24hrs of LeMons Series, in a nut shell, it’s endurance racing for $500 cars. Now let me stop you right there. Don’t let the price tag fool ya’. Our 1991 Honda Civic VTEC is set-up like a proper race car should be, and after 8 races, it keeps getting faster. Just imagine Mad Max meets Nascar for 24 straight hours… Hairy, scary, and so fun. One day (real soon) We Are the Process is going to have it’s own car and team. What we should name our team? Leave us an answer after the jump.



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