Warstic Wood Bat Co.

August 26th, 2011 by Larry


Texas-based Warstic Wood Bat Co. have truly struck a chord among design-nerds & baseball fans alike with their signature bats. Check out all the sweet colors of these half-dipped bats! Warstic claims their bats are crafted for performance and feel. They believe that exudes confidence in any batter.

Check out this brand-positioning statement: “The added bonus infused in our bats is that Warrior mentality from which we encourage every player to draw from. It’s in our name. It’s in our Vintage Wartip Stain style. It’s in the trademark Warstripe emblem that is branded into every bat.”

I’m not sure about how 2 stripes of paint can make a player feel like a warrior. That’s probably more within the batter himself. I do however, really like their plan for growth: “Our plan for growth is not to grow quickly or out-advertise the competition. It’s more about slowly building a following of players with this common approach at the plate. Whether you are a power hitting cleanup man, leadoff hitter or 9 hole scrapper…When you step to the plate with our Trademarked Wartip bat…please do so with this mentality. Or please use someone else’s bat.”

It reminds me of how we feel about our brand We Are The Process. We’re gonna grow it slow and build relationships with all the right people. We’re not interested in the dog and pony shows in Vegas. That’s not for us!

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