We Are the Process Fantasy Basketball Trophies

August 27th, 2011 by Larry


I’ve been slacking in getting our fantasy basketball trophies made and sent out to the winners. My motivation finally get this done was the fact that our Fantasy Football league draft is upon us this weekend & Nick Cooper was eager to get his mitts on his trophy. It’s going to live at his house for the next year (or possibly longer, considering the NBA lockout is far from over). Oh well. Better late than never! Right guys? Check out our final league standings & laugh at the pitiful records of some of our best friends after the jump.

League Champion: Seattle Lost Dreams / Manager: Nick Cooper / Regular Season Record: 13-5

2nd Place: Iguodalai lama / Manager: Ben Pettus / Regular Season Record: 14-3-1

3rd Place: Pippen Aint Easy / Manager: Ryan Glancy / Regular Season Record: 13-5

4th Place: Ponce Ghouls / Manager: Georgios Saliaris / Regular Season Record: 14-4
5th Place: Dirty South Octopi / Manager: Larry Luk / Regular Season Record: 10-8
6th Place: Stop Snitchin’ / Manager: Sean Dailey / Regular Season Record: 4-14
7th Place: Gun Hill RiffsQC / Manager: Shawn Tucker / Regular Season Record: 11-6-1
8th Place: Y’all Gettin Dunked On / Manager: Jared Dalcourt / Regular Season Record: 4-14
9th Place: East Point Ballers / Manager: Joe Martinez / Regular Season Record: 1-17
10th Place: DUVAL DUNK SQUAD / Manager: Ross Martin / Regular Season Record: 5-13

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  1. Oscar Pope Says:

    Where in Atlanta did you get those trophies made? Those are funky. I need some for our fantasy leagues as well!

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