2011 Nike MAG Portraits + Inside the Box

September 30th, 2011 by Larry


When my Nike MAG shipment arrived, I took some iPhone photos of the unboxing process. Shortly thereafter, Joe Martinez asked me if he could take some portraits of the kicks. Without hesitation, I brought the whole Nike MAG package to one of my favorite portrait photographers. I was interested to see what kind of personality Joe would bring out in these photos. Yes, sneakers can have personality!

I apologize for taking a week to post these photos, but I think that they do the kicks more justice than my iPhone pics. They were certainly worth the wait. I present to you, the 2011 Nike Mag (pair #0854), by Joe Martinez.

A huge box showed up on my doorstep. I was pleasantly surprised to see a “Sponsored by UPS” sticker from Hill Valley. The small copy says, “The Future is Built on The Present”. That’s such a clever play on words!

Here’s another fun part of the packaging… I seriously doubt the package would explode if damaged! I’m saving this part of the packaging in case I ever need to call Nike Customer Service. Also seen here is my “0854″ sticker denoting what pair I own out of the 1,510 pairs in the world.

A box, inside of a box, inside of a box.

The shoebox itself.

A look inside.

Verbage on the back of the box.

2011 Nike MAG by Joe Martinez

2011 Nike MAG by Joe Martinez

2011 Nike MAG by Joe Martinez

2011 Nike MAG by Joe Martinez

2011 Nike MAG by Joe Martinez

2011 Nike MAG by Joe Martinez

Interested in where all the pairs of Nike MAG ended up? Check out this cool interactive map.

If you want any of these images in high resolution format, just holler at me. I’ll send you a download link.

3 Responses

  1. William Roth Says:

    Psyched you got a pair and that Joe was able to photograph them!

    Are you going to wear them around or lock them up?

  2. Joe Martinez Says:

    The interactive map is crazy!! If you were the only person to get a pair in Mississippi? or Idaho? or North Dakota??? Your stuntin’ on your whole STATE, shawty!

  3. Zack E Says:

    Damn, that’s so dope. Have you put them on just to see what they feel like? I’d love to see some pics of what they look like on.

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