The Making of the Zombie Nokahoma

November 3rd, 2011 by Georgios

Pencil Drawing

When we first came up with the idea of doing a Zombie Nokahoma, I wanted to start on it right away. We were sitting in our Hotel room in Austin after a long day at Style X, plotting our next move and Jorge comes up with a great idea, an Undead Nokahoma. Flash forward to the present and t-shirts are printed and photos are shot.

Every idea for a graphic we have always starts off in pencil. This involves drawing a few versions so we make sure we get every aspect of the drawing correct and proportionate. Once we have that down, we redraw it in ink to make sure we get the line weight equal across the whole illustration and start adding details. After a few hours of hunching over the table and a painful right hand from holding a pen that long, the illustration is complete. Then we scan it in photoshop and add color. We never cut corners by live tracing. It just looks cleaner and the line weight of the illustration is smoother instead of bulgy like a live traced graphic.

View the ink drawing and final version after the jump.

Ink Drawing

Final Version

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