Joe Johnson: 6-Time All-Star

February 10th, 2012 by Larry

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Congratulations to Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks for being selected to play in the NBA All-Star Game for the 6th time in his career. I’m happy that I live in a city where top-notch basketball is being played night-in and night-out. Since we’re on the topic of the All-Star Game, I have 2 points of contention that are out of Joe’s control, but I need to sound off, so here goes:

#1 – Adidas… whhhhyyyyyy can’t I purchase a Joe Johnson All-Star jersey anywhere? They aren’t available at Philips Arena where the Hawks play, and I can only customize and purchase a crappy polyester replica jersey on I would like to own a Swingman quality jersey or even an authentic, but there is no option to get one. This is totally bogus!

#2 – JOSH SMITH should absolutely be on this All-Star team. If Joe makes it, then Josh HAS to make it. He’s been the best player on the Hawks this year! I’m not trying to take away from what Joe does, but without Josh Smith, this team has a sub-.500 record. I feel bad for Josh. He’s been snubbed from the All-Star team his entire career and this is the year that I thought he had the best chance to finally make the roster. I hope this latest snubbing fires him up for the remainder of the season and he proves his worth to all the doubters. Tee up the Orlando Magic… Josh is angry!

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