Jack White – Trash Tongue Talker

April 29th, 2012 by Larry


Jack White‘s debut solo effort, Blunderbuss, dropped on Tuesday to the delight of the eccentric songwriter’s cult-like following. I recently realized that I too, may be one of those fans I speak of. I don’t recall consciously making the effort to purchase each one of his previous albums, but as it turns out, I own hard copies of each White Stripes record. So with that in mind, I was eagerly awaiting this new release from Mr. White, as my life had been devoid of his tunes for a few years. I can honestly say that this might be my favorite collection of tunes he’s ever released. Blunderbuss is my new album of choice, and Trash Tongue Talker is one of my new jams!

Download: Jack White – Trash Tongue Talker

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