Price’s Chicken Coop

August 12th, 2012 by Larry


Every time we visit Black Sheep Skate Shop in Charlotte, I always get a nose-tickling waft of fried food from down Camden Road. I recently realized that Price’s Chicken Coop is the place that has been teasing my appetite all these years. The other day, upon meeting up with our friends Ian, Shane, Kevin, Adam, and Cody, we decided to give Price’s a chance at curing our hangovers.

What I didn’t realize is that Price’s Chicken Coop isn’t a restaurant at all. It’s a kitchen and counter. So after paying for my fish & shrimp dinner, I followed the rest of the crew outside and we found a stoop to sit on. The only problem was that we were sitting directly in the sun, chomping on a mountain of fried food. The food is amazing. However, the portion sizes are out-of-control! It was a dumb for me to consider eating an entire “dinner” plate. I ate my way through less than 1/3rd of the food pictured above and was forced to chuck the rest of this grub.

Moderation is the name of the game when visiting Price’s. I came back to ATL and immediately went on a run.

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