Wait, What?!?

August 29th, 2012 by Jorge

The effort it takes to promote and market your project is a full time job. There are new brands popping up everyday which makes brand differentiation very difficult. As a brand, you have to be smart on how you go about putting the word out. As creatives we strive to push the limits of originality every day. Take Toyota for instance. The car game is jammed with competition. Toyota recently released an ad for the company’s brand-new 2013 Auris hatchback, with one very topless model. Stop right there…

**SPOILER ALERT: if you’d like the full impact of the video below, stop reading, and watch.**

The agency behind the spot contracted Stav Strashko, a 19-year-old male model born in the Ukraine. Strashko has a distinctly androgynous appearance and has modeled women’s clothing in the past. He says he gets mistaken for a female all the time, but believes “the mind sees what it wants.” I’m not going to get into the mind f**k that is the video below, all I’m saying is I don’t think I’ll forget the ad or the Auris. I’m going to cry in the shower now.

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