Lamictal reviews borderline personality

May 12th, 2018 by Keenan

Lamictal is also used to treat extreme mood swings in patients with bipolar disorder; for this purpose, lamictal may be used in patients over the age of 18.

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i currently take the 6mg emsam patch with a 15mg dexedrine spansule, 30mg of lamictal 1mg of klonopin couldn t kick it .

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melinda so very glad to read about how you were having stomach problems with lamictal withdrawal.

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because of its tendency to make you feel drowsy, especially until you get used to it, don t drive or operate heavy machinery until you have been on lamictal for a while and are sure of how it affects you.

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i ve been on the combination medications lamictal 50 mg.

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lamictal is little experience virus lamotrigine for its nostalgia properties, not as a replacement for common sense.


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