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Do not take naltrexone either if you are addicted to narcotics, possess alcohol or drug withdrawal symptoms.

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it is also unlikely that the naltrexone-induced decrease in self-administration of the drinking solution can be attributed to a reduction in the reinforcing efficacy of saccharin as opposed to ethanol.

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naltrexone has been shown to increase the incidence of early fetal loss when given to rats at doses 30 mg kg day 180 mg m day; 5 times the recommended therapeutic dose, based on body surface area and to rabbits at oral doses 60 mg kg day 720 mg m day; 18 times the recommended therapeutic dose, based on body surface area .

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however, naltrexone is not a miracle medicine.

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can naltrexone be used for ultra-rapid opioid withdrawal.

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additional first-line therapies include opioid antagonists, such as extended-release naltrexone.


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