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The name is derived from lasts six hours, which is the duration of action of injectable furosemide intramuscular injection since oral and intravenous lasix last between two and four hours .

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if you have had problems when taking other pain relievers or fever reducers if you have serious stomach problems or a history of ulcers if you have high blood pressure if you have heart or kidney disease if you are over 60 years old if you have bleeding problems if you are taking diuretics such as lasix , blood thinners such as coumadin , steroids or other nsaids if you have any other chronic or serious medical problems if you are pregnant or breastfeeding may cause serious complications during the last three months of pregnancy.

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diuretics water pills such as furosemide lasix ;.

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the physician ordered furosemide lasix 40 mg ivp stat and nesiritide natrecor with an iv bolus of 2 mcg kg over 60 seconds, followed with a continuous infusion of 0.

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lasix furosemide is a diuretic that is used to treat fluid accumulation, caused by heart failure, cirrhosis, chronic kidney failure, and nephrotic syndrome.


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