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The spontaneous development of amantadine resistance among influenza a viruses in culture occurs at a relatively high frequency about 1 x 10 -4 .

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thioridazine because tremors may be worsened in parkinson patients anticholinergics eg, scopolamine , hydrochlorothiazide, quinidine, quinine, stimulants eg, caffeine, methylphenidate, pseudoephedrine , or triamterene because they may increase the risk of amantadine s side effects.

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table global amantadine hydrochloride revenue and market share by type 2012-2017 .

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split by applications, this report focuses on sales, market share and growth rate of amantadine hydrochloride in each application, can be divided into.

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adult the usual dose of amantadine hydrochloride capsules is 100 mg twice a day when used alone.


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