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Bicycle x New Era Playing Cards

August 29th, 2012 by Larry


Fans of card games & baseball games alike will enjoy this recent release given away to New Era customers in Asia upon purchase. The faces all have little hats for the pips and the hats have their respective suits in the center. The hats were also added to the court cards which makes you feel like you are at a sporting event. Consider yourself lucky if you own one of these decks!

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Eugene Kan of Hypebeast

June 29th, 2009 by Larry


A few weeks back, I spent some time in Hong Kong made a point to “look-under-the-hood” of the inner workings of Hypebeast as I spent the afternoon with Managing Editor, Eugene Kan. This was a great chance to put a face to a name on someone I’ve only had contact through the internet and also an opportunity to “take things in” as a curious contributor to the EC/PROCESS brands. We spent the afternoon discussing the current state of streetwear and the global economy’s effect on all of us as consumers. Eugene also agreed to this exclusive interview with me based on our conversations of that day.

Check it out after the jump.

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Around the World

June 15th, 2009 by Larry

Ted’s headed back to Borneo to continue the work from when he went overseas earlier this year and the complimentary Estate LA 5-Panel cap that he’s wearing in this photo is going with him. It’s pretty cool to realize that in a matter of 5 days, that cap will have traveled from Los Angeles > Atlanta > Brooklyn > Borneo.

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Nike Sportswear Store: Hong Kong

April 30th, 2009 by Larry

Nike Sportswear Hong Kong

Last summer I had the pleasure of previewing the newly opened Nike Sportswear flagship store at 21 Mercer in NYC along with it’s opening festivities. In true Nike fashion, I was invited to check out NSW’s digs in Hong Kong. Although the store’s Grand Opening has long past (it opened in October of 2008), I still wanted to take advantage of a rare opportunity to feature an HK destination that should be on the top of everyone’s lists when visiting.

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Keepin’ it Local

April 28th, 2009 by Larry


Howdy from the other side of the globe! I’ve been in HK for the past few days and I thought it’d be nice to rep StreetLocal (one of our favorite brands/crews from ATL) while on the go. I’ve been using this StreetLocal Gentleman comb every day to keep my mane in check. As soon as I have a chance to edit my photos, I’ll post some interesting stuff I’ve been working on. It’s fun being in Asia but I can’t wait to be back with the crew in the Dirty-Dirty. Let’s get it Hawks!

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The Other Side of The World

April 14th, 2009 by Ted


I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately… Asia, New York, New Orleans. On each of the trips, design has been at the reigns. I’d like to take a minute to describe my travels to Asia during one week in March and share a once-in-a-lifetime project I’ve been involved with at Georgia Tech this spring.

A group of 9 architects, 1 industrial designer (me), 1 anthropologist, and 2 health system engineers have been working since January to design a health clinic for a village in Sukadana, West Kalimantan. Kalimantan, otherwise known as Borneo to us westerners, is an island in Indonesia situated on the equator, exactly 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. The weather is a constant 85° with 90% humidity, making HOTlanta seem like the arctic.

Who are we working for? An American MD named Kinari Webb and her health organization named Health in Harmony provides integrated essential health care and environmental education to the citizens of Sukadana. It is one of Health in Harmony’s missions to reduce the local illegal logging industry towards preservation of the Bornean rainforest, home to one of the planet’s largest assets of flora and fauna including wild orangutans! It turns out Dr. Webb had a connection to a fellow at Georgia Tech, who pulled resources to organize the course.

After months of work, six students from our group were sent to Borneo (expenses paid via a grant) to present architectural plans as proposals to the organization. During an intense 3-day charette, we gathered their feedback in order to create a more informed design. Those involved in the charette included Dr. Webb, her health clinic staff, and the community who would ultimately be using and building the clinic. Each day of the design discussions took place at Health in Harmony’s current health clinic which is a 3-room house next to the ocean.

We returned from Asia full of ideas, rice, and a realistic outlook on what life looks like in Indonesia. On a personal note, it was humbling to be in a place so disconnected from western culture and so full of noise and LIFE. This information is being pumped into a final, refined design that will be handed over to the Health in Harmony group in a few weeks at a final presentation in Atlanta. Those architectural plans will be used to gather funding in America to be put towards construction starting in November.

See some pics of my journey after the jump
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