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Nike Sportswear City Destroyer Pack

December 8th, 2011 by Larry


Since its introduction, the Nike Destroyer jacket has quickly become a coveted symbol of street smarts, discerning style and gritty individualism. Now, the connection between the Destroyer and classic Americana is even more definitive.

This holiday season, Nike Sportswear introduces five exclusive limited edition Destroyer jackets paying homage to the cities of Detroit, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia and Oakland. Along with city-specific imagery and community interaction, the City Destroyers celebrate the football stars that embody the spirit of those archetypical metropolises and their football tradition. The number 51, which is found on many of the different metropolitan-themed jackets, pays homage to the uniform worn by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman when he played collegiate football.

There will only be 8 jackets available per city. Beginning today, both the Nike Sportswear stores in New York (21 Mercer) and Los Angeles (Montalbán) will have 8 of each jacket available.

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Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance

November 27th, 2011 by Larry


Last week, I experienced Nike’s new SPARQ Sensory Performance innovations in action. I have no doubt in my mind that this new approach to vision training in conjunction with all other aspects of physical training will give an edge to the athletes who utilize these advancements. What’s most interesting is that vision training can be used by athletes of all levels to increase focus, reaction times & anticipation in any sport. I could rattle off a list of athletes off the top of my head that could use vision training immediately: Ahem… Josh Hamilton… Ahem…

SPARQ Sensory Performance is a system of technologies, products and programs designed to assess, analyze and improve an athlete’s visual and sensory performance. It’s another step in Nike’s nearly 40-year legacy of delivering game-changing innovations to help athletes perform at their peak.

“Sensory training is at the cornerstone of how we can build better athletes,” said Paul Winsper, SPARQ Performance Director. “With SSP we’re able to integrate both sensory and physical training together. This performance philosophy has resonated with some of the top athletes, teams and clubs throughout the world.”

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We Are the Process – Tanker Letterman Jacket

November 23rd, 2011 by Larry


Yes, it still gets cold in the Dirty South and you’re going to need something that keeps you warm and shows the world that you’re about that life outside of just graphic tees. Make this military inspired Tanker Letterman Jacket your signature winter piece. It’s available now at select retailers and at
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Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Shield Mock

November 17th, 2011 by Larry


The Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Shiled Mock maximizes breathability and warmth during harsh winter weather. The mock neck, body skimming fit and long-sleeves are designed so that athletes can layer this top under apparel.

I just tested one of these Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Shield Mocks in a 40 degree Beaverton, Oregon IN THE RAIN! One would think the Nike folks wouldn’t want to risk any negative product reviews while in the rain like today, but what would they have to fear? I stayed warm, dry, and flexible while throwing and catching footballs on the Bo Jackson Field. Read the rest of this entry »

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