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We Are the Process in Huffington Post

August 4th, 2011 by Larry


Our brand, We Are the Process, was mentioned in the Huffington Post yesterday in an article about brands and social media.

“The few companies that truly break ground and invent new paths for their brands and companies are the anomalies, not the rules. Upstarts like Atlanta-based streetwear line We Are The Process are doing more for their brand through online channels than some multi-million dollar enterprises with Madison Avenue headquarters. These brands are those rare high school girls who chose to date the presidents of the math and science clubs instead of the quarterbacks of the football team. Wisdom beyond their years.” Click here to read the entire article.

Yes, we think using social media is super important to building our brand. However, I still feel like there are many things we could do better. For instance, getting someone to lazily hit the retweet button on on of your tweets is fine and all, but I believe there is more value to a tweet when someone shares your link/story while adding their own insight. I’m guilty of this act too, but I should really add more of my own explanation as to why I chose to pass the info along in the first place. Create value in your tweets and retweets. That’s one small step in getting people to deliberately & actively #GrowTheBrand.

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We Are the Process in Hoop Magazine

July 21st, 2011 by Larry


The new issue of HOOP with Der Champ, Dirk Nowitzki on the cover arrived at our studio today and we were excited to see our Dirty South Cowgirl and Thirteen tees being featured in their Wear section. Thanks to the fine people at HOOP for giving shine to the little brand from the Dirty South! Pick up your very own versions of these featured tees in our online store!

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Style X & We Are the Process in Complex

June 15th, 2011 by Larry


There’s a Style X 2011 recap page in the new issue of Complex magazine and we spotted a photo of Addie Courington & Jhesika Menes wearing a We Are the Process Southern Series Raglan & a Thirteen tee respectively. Thanks to Style X & Complex for the shine!

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Evan Hawkins in Inked Magazine

June 8th, 2011 by Larry

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One of my favorite bartenders in Atlanta, Evan Hawkins, was crowned the National Champion of the 2011 United States Bartenders Guild Drinks & Ink Competition presented by Tuaca. This not-so-usual take on a bartender competition combined the intersecting cultures of bartenders and tattoos with bartenders being judged on their Tuaca bold shot recipe and the overall craftsmanship of their tattoo.

Hawkins captured his first national bartender competition by beating out eight other finalists from the around the country to win a Tuaca photo spread in this month’s Inked Magazine.

“I’ve competed in several bartender competitions and Drinks & Ink was one of the most different and fun ones I’ve ever experienced,” said Hawkins. “I’m proud to have been recognized for both my Pura Vida body art and Tuaca bold shot and am stoked up to be featured in Inked.”

Hawkins won his first national bartender competition with his Pura Vida bold shot recipe and a tattoo featuring a sugar skull with the words “Pura Vida” under it. Pura Vida means pure life in Spanish and the skull is a candy given out on the “day of dead” ceremony in Mexico. For Hawkins, it means to celebrate your life and live the best you can before the end comes.

Tattoo by Danielle Distefano of Only You Tattoo. Evan’s baseball cap by We Are the Process.

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March 28th, 2011 by Larry

Kelly from visited our booth at Style X in Austin and conducted this impromptu interview with us about We Are the Process. I’m really surprised how well her microphone picked up our voices and none of the distracting background noises which were throwing me off the entire time. Ha!

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Style X Article

February 1st, 2011 by Larry


As some of you may have already deduced, we are taking our brand We Are the Process to SXSW this year. We will be participating in a new fashion related segment called Style X (prononced: Style By). The creators of Style X recently reached out to me and asked me to write an article about the experiences we’ve had in growing our brand as well as what I was enthused about with our trip to Austin in March. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, check outt the longest article I’ve written since college here.

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January 6th, 2011 by Larry


The kind folks at PurgeATL recently visited our studio and interviewed us for a feature on their website. They wanted to learn more about our brand, We Are the Process, and how it all came together. Check out the interview here.

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Respect Magazine x Kodak: John Gotty

December 10th, 2010 by Larry

One of the great people I’ve met this year is John Gotty of the Smoking Section. He is one of the most behind-the-scenes, yet one of the most influential people in hip-hop. His passion for news, sports, music, & fashion has been evident to me whether we’re talking about Team USA or the latest offering from We Are the Process. He always has a good idea to lend and his work ethic is unparalleled. He’ll run circles around you!

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Animal Tunes with LaDiDa

July 4th, 2010 by Larry

Last year I worked on the navigation design of an iPhone app called LaDiDa with the company. This video utilizes real wolf howls processed through the app. Pretty cool sounding, huh? Download the app here.

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Plywood Presents: Making Ideas Happen

July 4th, 2010 by Larry


The good people at Plywood have asked us to present at their event called Making Ideas Happen. Not only are we honored to be included in the same breath with the other presenters (Scott Belsky, Michael Tavani, Luma Mufleh, Aaron Fortner, Steven “King of Pops” Carse, and Jeff Shinabarger), but we’re also very excited to hear more about what they do. Find out how to be part of this unique day at Plywood

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